Grady Emergency Medical Services District

2221 W. Iowa Ave

Chickasha, OK 73018

Phone (405) 222-0204 Fax (405) 222-0204




The Grady EMS District (522) was established in April of 1985, following a positive vote of the citizens of Grady County.  It includes all of Grady County except Independent School District 1, 2, and 29 commonly referred to as Newcastle, Dibble and Blanchard school districts. 

We are governed according to Article X, Section 9C of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 19 § 1701 of Oklahoma Statutes.  As a 522 District, we are not political subdivisions of state, county, or, city government.  We are a separate entity unto ourselves.  We have a nine member Board of Trustees, selected by the Grady County Commissioners.  The Board of Trustees responsibility is to oversee all aspects of the Districts’ operations. 

In order to ensure total emergency medical coverage, our County is divided into three areas:  Northern, Central, and Southern.  We subcontract with the City of Tuttle (Northern); City of Chickasha (Central); and Town of Rush Springs (Southern) to provide emergency care within these specified geographic areas.  Mutual Aide enhances their response capabilities.

Our objective is to provide, in a timely manner, professional emergency medical care to all citizens of Grady County, Oklahoma.  We continually strive to attain this goal.